So most blogs iv been looking at lately are all about Fashion week whether it be in New york, Paris or Milan which is great except i think its a bit unrealistic, I dont really want to look at clothes Im probably never going to be able to afford over and over again and I dont think any other average Full time working Australian is going to be able to afford them either... yeah they'r cool to look at ONCE but Id rather see what the people going to watch those shows are wearing, and I dont mean the people sitting front row who earn like a billion dollars a year I mean the poor fashion students sitting backrow in their one off Vintage peices that they found for like $10 that have a slight resemblance to a Piece from Alexander Wang or Balmains collection.

But on a lighter subject I found a really cool new blog to add to my list... its called Zanita and is by an Australian Model. She has lots of self taken pictures of what she wears daily and backstage!!! 

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  1. great post, i really agree with what you've said! it's particularly true of Australians i think